M2 was established to meet the needs of a wide variety of clients.
Rule number one: Charge a fair price for an honest days work

Industrial Heating Magazine
Senior Art Director for Industrial Heating and FORGE magazines.
Responsible for the layout and design of this monthly magazine.
This includes designing display ads for advertisers,
promotional pieces and Industrial Heating's annual media kit.

Levy Industrial 1998
Freelance artist for Levy Industrial, an advertising agency specializing in the industrial and
manufacturing marketplace. Worked on a wide variety of projects for clients.

Miller-Melone 1998
Freelance artist for Miller-Melone, an advertising agency.
Worked on a wide variety of projects for clients

RAS Industries 1998
Freelance artist for RAS Industries, the manufacturer of preformed millwork.
Worked extensively on the companies product catalog.

FPG 1990-1997
Senior Art Director for Friedlander Publishing Group. FPG specialized in art books,
limited edition prints, trading cards, stickers and collectible card games.
I worked on and/or supervised all facets of the companies product line.

Russell Enterprises 1989
Designer, then Art Director for Russell Enterprises,
the manufacturer of preformed millwork for the building industry.
Responsible for the completion of the annual sales catalog,
promotional pieces, news letter and print ads.

Kelly & Cohen 1983-1989
Art Director for this tri-state retailer of audio/video products and appliances.
Responsible for the companies newspaper advertisments and supervision of staff.

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